Sabtu, 04 Juli 2009

Human lizard's Scape Ore Swamp

Human lizard's Scape Ore Swamp

The case occurred in the swampy areas in Lee Country, South Carolina. Strange beings who have described a high 7 or feed more than 2 meters, with a hefty scaly skin that appears in the green there. Creepy eyes of glowing orange. Creatures that have three fingers on the hands and feet. People call this lizard creatures from the swamp.

The first reports about the existence of the creature that was delivered by Christopher Davis, 17 years, the local people. He said that, being found while driving through the border Scape Ore Swamp. Accident when the car was having problems so he had to stop to change tires. When he finished changing tires, he heard the noise behind.

When away, terkejutnya how she saw the strange creature appears to run towards him. Davis confessed, is being tried to attack the car, with a jump on the roof of the car. David tried vague. At home, lihatnya in the rearview mirror mobinya has been destroyed, damaged the roof on the car.

Some of the same month, reports appeared almost senada case with David. Reportedly, the creature looks like a giant lizard is located near the swamp. Most of the report it says kejadiannya about 3 miles or 5 km from Bishopville or from around the swamps. The incident two months, several police investigations, and found measuring 14 feet track length inc.

Then the police to send laporran the FBI to be more. However, analysis of a stalemate, until now unclear, whether the beings have a certain lizard like that.